Factors Contributing To Enjoyable Ads [CHART]

Chart: Factors Of Enjoyable & Memorable Advertisements

Ads that are humorous and from trustworthy brands are most likely to be considered enjoyable and memorable, Clutch has found in a survey of 1,030 US adults. Relevant and informative creative also resonates, per respondents, who said that ads that don’t inform are their most disliked.

It’s not too surprising that humor would be the most appealing element, given that the survey asked about enjoyable and memorable ads. Yet other research has also found people across age groups saying that ads that make them laugh are also the most likely to attract their attention.

But humor alone might not be enough. An Ace Metrix study released a few years ago revealed that funny TV ads correlate strongly with likability, but not with purchase intent. A more recent Advertising Benchmark Index (ABX) study found that ad likability did not correlate well with brand linkage or messaging. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.