Consumer Attitudes Toward Facial Recognition [CHART]

Chart:  Consumer Attitudes Toward Facial Recognition

Smartphones with biometrics, like facial recognition, are becoming the norm. But not everyone is running out to get the latest device that uses this type of technology—even if it does help protect their privacy.

In fact, a January 2018 survey of US internet users by global facial recognition platform FaceFirst found that consumers are split on the technology. Some 46.1% of respondents said they were not likely to purchase a device with facial recognition to help protect their privacy, while 46.1% said they were at least somewhat likely to buy one.

FaceFirst’s findings are in line with September 2017 data from Morning Consult, which also found that US internet users are somewhat split when it comes to mobile devices with facial recognition capability. Roughly a third (34%) of respondents had a favorable outlook of the technology, while 39% did not. Read the rest at eMarketer.