Video Game Console Ownership By Age [CHART]

Chart: Video Game Console Ownership By Age

Video game hardware sales grew by 19% last year to reach $6.9 billion, per a recent report from the Entertainment Software Association. So how many Americans actually own video game consoles? Nielsen provides some answers.

All told, Nielsen reveals that there almost 162 million people in US TV households who own video game consoles with the ability to watch TV. That’s roughly half the US population.

Almost two-thirds of these console owners – or more than 115 million – are adults (18+), while almost one-third (29%; 46.4 million) are ages 18-34.

Among 18-34-year-old video game console owners men outnumber women by about 4 million (25.2 million and 21.2 million, respectively).

Previous data from Nielsen had demonstrated that roughly one-third of US TV households own a video game console. That figure climbed to 40% among Hispanics and Asian-Americans. Read the rest at