Priorities vs Challenges Of Marketing Data [CHART]

Chart: Priorities vs Challenges Of Marketing Data

About half of marketers worldwide are integrating data across their tech stacks, according to a January 2018 survey from Ascend2. While a slight majority are integrating data, 43% of respondents reported that they’re merely talking about doing this.

Another challenge in deploying data across campaigns is that it is difficult to find accurate data at scale. To increase the scope of their data pools, brands often lean on third-party data, which helps them reach more people. But the reach of third-party data often comes at the expense of accuracy. About 80% of advertisers in a recent Digiday Research survey said third-party data is unreliable.

Since third-party providers don’t have direct relationships with users, they make inferences to build data sets. But these inferences don’t always align across vendors. A ChoiceStream study found that third-party data companies disagreed about 30% of the time on an individual’s gender. About 40% of respondents in Ascend2’s survey said that getting reliable data is a real challenge. Read the rest at eMarketer.