Media Consumption Displaced By Smart Speakers [CHART]

Chart: Media Consumption Displaced by Smart Speakers

Let’s not call it the year of voice, even if it proves to be… Nonetheless there has been a rash of new research released surrounding voice assistants – and Smart Speakers in particular.

In their latest Smart Audio Report, NPR and Edison Research reveal by way of a survey of 806 US Smart Speaker owners (18+) that for 39%, time spent with these devices is replacing time they used to spend with traditional AM/FM radio.

Similarly, for more than one-third, time spent with Smart Speakers is replacing time spent with smartphones, and many likewise agree that some time they used to spend with TV (30%), tablets (27%) and computers (26%) is being spent now with the voice assistants.

Another survey – this time from Accenture [PDF] – reported similar trends. In that research, two-thirds of stand-alone digital voice assistant (Smart Speaker) owners and users said that since they got their device, they use their smartphone for fewer activities. Among these, a majority use entertainment services less, do less online purchasing, and do fewer general searches on their smartphones. (Accenture’s survey was conducted among 21,000 online consumers in 19 countries.) Read the rest at