Emotions With The Greatest Correlation To Brand Loyalty [CHART]

Chart: Emotions WIth Greatest Correlation To Brand Loyalty

Emotions are greater drivers of brand loyalty than rational factors such as price competitiveness or brand values including social responsibility, new research from Capgemini [PDF] has found. But while emotions were seen as the primary driver of loyalty across sectors, just 15% of consumers responding to Capgemini’s survey agreed that brands do a good job of bonding with them emotionally.

If brands are to improve their emotional connections, it pays to know which ones people prioritize.

On this front, Capgemini’s research – which correlated emotions and stated loyalty towards brands – reveals that the three most important are:

  • Honesty;
  • Trust; and
  • Integrity.

What’s interesting about these is that they consistently appear in research as people’s most important brand attributes.

But while several surveys point to the importance of honesty and trust, there seems to be plenty of room for growth in these areas: a study last year from Cohn & Wolfe revealed that just 22% of people surveyed around the world agree that brands and companies today are open and honest. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.