Satisfaction With Social Media Sites [CHART]

Chart: Satisfaction With Social Media Sites

Social media user satisfaction remains steady this year though it is still in the lower tier of industries on this measure, according to an American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report. The overall index for social media is unchanged at 73 on a 100-point scale, though some platforms are better rated than others.

Sitting atop the list is Google+ – the only to achieve an “excellent” rating (of 81) after a 5-point jump from last year. Google also tops the list of search engines in user satisfaction, with a score of 82.

Twitter also enjoyed a 5-point bump in user satisfaction score this year, moving it up from the cellar. With its index score of 70, it remains in the lower half of social networking sites tracked.

Pinterest (+2 points to 78) and Tumblr (+1 to 68) were the only other networks to see any increase in user satisfaction score.

LinkedIn (unchanged at 65) is stuck at the bottom of the list this year, while Facebook (flat at 68) isn’t far ahead. Read the rest at