Voice Assistant Use By Daypart [TABLE]

Table: Voice Assistant Use By Daypart

PR and Edison Research released the latest findings from The Smart Audio Report, a recurring study on trends in smart speaker ownership and user behavior. Exponential uptake in the past year has been evident. After a surge this past holiday season – when 4% of U.S. adults reported they acquired their first smart speaker device — ownership is up 128% since January 2017, to now one in six Americans (16%) having a smart speaker.

In the most recent look at how people use devices like Google Home and the various Amazon Alexa products across a typical day, we found the primary use case is exactly what you might expect — to listen to audio programming in all its various forms including music, news, podcasts and other forms of spoken word audio. This is true throughout the day — audio programming is consistently the most frequently-cited use for these devices. However, when we look deeper at some of the lower-ranking activities to see how they change relatively across the day, we see some incredibly fascinating patterns. Read the rest at Media Village.