Word-Of-Mouth Drives Consumer Sales [CHART]

Chart: Word-Of-Mouth Drives Consumer Sales

Word-of-mouth has time and again been shown in research to be the top influencer of consumer’s purchase decisions. Now, a new study from Engagement Labs quantifies the extent to which word-of-mouth drives sales, finding that an estimated 19% of consumers sales are the result of online and offline conversations.

The study analyzed correlations between consumer conversations and purchases for 170 brands, using a combination of data scraped from social media, survey research and weekly brand sales figures.

The 19% of consumer sales driven by word-of-mouth broke out to 10% from offline and conversations and 9% for social media. It’s worth repeating that finding: conversations on social media drive an estimated 9% of consumer sales. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.

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