Young Americans' Participation In Athletics By Sport [CHART]

Chart: Young Americans Participation in Sports

Adult members of Generation Z – ages 18-20 – are avid runners and swimmers like their older Millennial counterparts, reports Nielsen in a recent data release. In fact, these activities are enjoyed by almost half (46%) of Gen Z respondents to the Nielsen Scarborough study.

Roughly one-third of 18-20-year-olds also have ridden bikes in the past year, on par with the Millennial population.

Where younger adults differ from their older counterparts (if Millennials can be referred to as “older”…) is in some less-popular sports. For example, 28% of Gen Z respondents play basketball, a rate that’s 33% higher than the Millennial population (21%) and more than twice as high as the population at-large (12%).

Likewise, 16% play soccer, compared to 11% of Millennials and 6% of the general population.

Participation in these activities is reflected in a greater interest in their respective professional leagues, too. The Gen Z population is 14% more likely than the general population to be interested in the National Basketball Association (NBA), per the report, and 49% more likely be interested in Major League Soccer (MLS). Read the rest at