Video Marketing Content Types [CHART]

Chart: Marketing Video Content Types

Marketers are brimming with enthusiasm about video, according to “The State of Video Marketing 2017” study from Demand Metric in partnership with Vidyard. More than 9 in 10 believe that video content is becoming more important, while 7 in 10 report that video converts better than other content formats and almost three-quarters feel that the ROI is steady or improving.

The following highlights some of the results from the report, which is based on a survey of 159 executives. The majority of these respondents work for organizations that are mostly or entirely B2B (57%) or are a blend of B2B and B2C (28%).

Previous research has heralded a growing role for video in B2B marketing, with many seeing video as being among the most effective content types.

It’s clear from the types of videos that are being produced that education is a key component to business use of video this year.

In fact, the fastest-growing video type is the Demo, used by twice as many respondents this year (59%) as last (28%). Explainer videos (54%) are also used by a majority of marketers, with many also using How-to/Educational videos (42%). How-to videos have long held strong appeal with consumers – but appear to also have a foothold in the B2B space. Read the rest at