Connected TV Penetration [CHART]

Chart: Connected TV Penetration

More and more TV households are adopting technologies that enable streaming video to the TV set, reveals Nielsen in its latest Total Audience Report covering Q2 2017. The share of TV households with a Multimedia Device, Game Console and/or Smart TV has broadened to 58.7%, up from 52.2% during the year-earlier period.

Close to half of those households own more than one of these enabled devices.

The most popular device is the Game Console, which is now in one-third of TV households. About 1 in 8 households (12.2%) own just a Game Console, while 9.3% pair it with a Smart TV and 6.3% with a Multimedia Device. Some 5.5% own all three devices.

Close behind, Smart TVs are now in more than 3 in 10 (30.9%) TV households. Some 11.3% own a Smart TV by itself, while another 9.3% pair it with a Game Console and 4.8% with a Multimedia Device.

Finally, more than one-quarter (25.9%) have a Multimedia Device, either alone or in combination with another TV-connected device. Read the rest at