Share Of Screen Time For Generation V [CHART]

Chart: Share of Screen Time for Generation V

Virtually all children ages 0-8 live in households that have a mobile device, and that is clearly having an effect on media use, per results from a Common Sense Media study. The research details a striking shift in screen use over the past few years: children now spend 35% of their screen time with mobile devices, up from just 4% in 2011.

While children still spend the largest share of their screen time with TV, the bigger screen is receding in dominance. This year parents estimate that their kids spend 42% of their screen time with the TV set, down from 51% in 2011. DVDs and videotapes are likewise diminishing in influence, occupying about half the share of kids’ screen time from 2011 (12% and 23%, respectively).

Online video sources are – unsurprisingly – playing a greater role: online viewing now accounts for one-quarter of TV and video screen time, up from just 4% in 2011. And families with young children now are more likely to report having a subscription video-on-demand service such as Netflix (72%) than a pay-TV service (65%). Read the rest at