Types Of B2B Content Personalization [CHART]

Chart: Types Of B2B Content Personalization

Some 68% of B2B marketers are testing out personalization of content or offers, according to a Chief Marketer survey, perhaps in an effort to counter challenges with engagement. The primary form of personalization being tested by respondents is the type of content that targets are engaging with (66%), though many (53%) are also trying out personalization by job function and title.

While the survey doesn’t delve into the perceived effectiveness of personalization, content personalization is considered to be one of the most effective uses of B2B marketing data, according to a MarketingCharts report on marketing enablement produced in association with Seismic. That report found that marketers in general personalize just over one-quarter of their content.

Personalized content may benefit B2B marketers in confronting their biggest challenge in generating new leads: engaging targeted prospects (59%). It should also help one of their larger account-based marketing challenges, which is creating the right content to target key account (cited by half of those who engage in account-based marketing). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.