Consumers' Expected Video Consumption Changes [CHART]

Chart: Consumers' Expected Video Consumption Changes

More than three-quarters of people in several countries across the world believe that their video viewing habits will change in the coming 5 years. That’s according to the latest TV and Media Report [PDF] from Ericsson ConsumerLab, which surveyed roughly 20,000 people in 13 countries ages 16-69 who watch TV or video at least once a week and have a broadband internet connection at home.

The change that most people see coming is watching TV in virtual reality, as if they are inside the content. (Never mind Facebook’s recent face-palm moment, showcasing its VR application by using video of Puerto Rico after the hurricane and saying that it’s “magical” to “get the feeling you’re really in a place.”)

The report’s authors argue that virtual reality could “reignite the campfire experience of TV.” How so? While VR users are more likely to engage in various activities alone, many are doing so together with others in VR.

For example, among VR users, 41% are watching movies and TV programs together with others, as do 33% with sports content.

Most VR users believe they’ll increase or at least maintain their current levels of video viewing over the next 5 years, whether alone or together with others. Read the rest at