Companies' Use Of Social Media Marketing [CHART]

Chart: Companies Use Of Social Media Marketing - 2015-2019

Some marketers believe organic is not only still important, but perhaps more important than ever. They feel there are things organic can accomplish that paid cannot.

In fact, according to WeWork’s director of social media Lia Zneimer: “Social media started because it was a conversation, and it was a way to react and respond directly—not only to your friends, but also to brands and to influencers and celebrities. I do think at the heart of it, there’s something about community and connection that paid [advertising] can’t replace.”

eMarketer has spent the past few years documenting the rapid growth of paid social advertising. This year, US social network ad spending will surpass $21 billion, accounting for 25.5% of all digital ad spending. By 2019, social ad spending will top $31 billion, making up 29.4% of digital ad spending. Read the rest at eMarketer.