How Podcasters Make Money [CHART]

Chart: How Podcasters Make Money

Podcast audiences continue to grow, and there are signs that advertisers are warming to their receptive audiences. But as it turns out, independent podcasters are most likely to be making money by selling their own services (63%) and products (62%), per results from a Social Media Examiner study.

In fact, more podcasters are monetizing their efforts from paid speaking jobs (39%) than from advertising (31%), according to the report, which surveyed 517 podcasters.

That stands in contrast to “creators” in general (bloggers, video creators and podcasters, combined), who on average are most likely to monetize via advertising.

Moreover, while advertising serves as the top source of monetization for the largest share of “creators”, podcasters’ top monetization sources are most likely to be sales of their own services (39%) and of their own products (24%). Read the rest at