How People Learn About Events [CHART]

Chart: How People Learn About Events

Event organizers should pay special attention to viral marketing, argues XING Events in recent research, which finds that attendees are more likely to learn about events from friends and acquaintances (66%) than by any other means.

This adds to the body of research supporting the massive influence of word-of-mouth, not only in event marketing, but also in purchase decisions (both consumer and B2B).

Beyond word-of-mouth, both email marketing and search appear to be important for event organizers, as attendees rely on them as informational vehicles:

  • Roughly 6 in 10 learn about events by following recommendations in emails and event newsletters;
  • About half target their search towards specific events they’re familiar with; while
  • More than one-fifth use certain keywords in search engines to search for suitable events.

While fewer (16%) are using social media to search for events, organizers are looking to ramp up their use of social media marketing, according to an accompanying survey of event organizers.

Almost two-thirds plan to increase their use of social media in the future, with websites (48%), email marketing (41%) and influencer marketing (33%) also slated for more frequent use. Read the rest at