YouTube Ad View Rates By Generation [CHART]

Chart: YouTube Ad View Rates by Generation

YouTube might be a favorite for teens, but ad campaigns on YouTube may get a better response from Baby Boomers, according to a report from Strike Social. The analysis – based on YouTube campaigns managed by Strike Social during 2016 – found that view rates were higher among Baby Boomers than among younger generations, regardless of the device in question.

View rates measure the total number of views of a video ad divided by the number of people the ad was served to. As such, it broadly measures audience engagement with an ad.

The Strike Social report argues that while YouTube advertisers are most likely to target Millennials, they might be ignoring the most lucrative audience: Baby Boomers.

Overall, Baby Boomers registered a view rate of 31.2% for the campaigns analyzed by Strike Social, roughly 10% higher than the rates recorded for Millennials (28.3%) and Gen Xers (28.5%). Read the rest at