How Teens Find Video Content [CHART]

Chart: How Teens Discover Video Content

Word-of-mouth continues to be the leading way by which teens & Millennials (13-34) – as well as the greater population at-large – discover new movies, TV shows or other full-length video content. That’s according to a recent report from Nielsen, which compared the video discovery sources of younger Americans to the broader population.

Word-of-mouth also topped the list of adults’ video discovery sources in previous research from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

TV ads promoting various programming were also a key source of discovery for respondents to the CTA study, as they are in Nielsen’s survey. Almost half (46%) of the people (13+) surveyed for the report indicated that they had found full-length video content as a result of commercials, ads and/or trailers seen on TV.

But for the youngest group (13-34), TV ads were not quite as influential as another vehicle: social media. Indeed, while just 29% of the survey’s respondents overall reported having discovered video through social media, that figure jumped to 45% among teens and Millennials. Read the rest at