Ignore Bing At Your Own Peril [CHART]

Chart: Bing Network Market Share by Search Volume

Bing is “bigger than you think,” reports Bing Ads by way of a tweet last week drawing attention to its market share around the world. In fact, the Bing Network accounts for 1 in every 3 explicit core search queries in the US, totaling 5 billion monthly, according to the breakdown, which cites comScore data.

The Bing Network includes Bing, Yahoo Search (searches powered by Bing) and AOL Search Network.
In a follow-up to the tweet’s replies, Bing Ads posted a larger breakdown of its market share and monthly search volume, using March 2017 as its period of analysis.

The following highlights those figures on a regional basis:

  • Worldwide: 9% market share; 12 billion monthly searches
  • Latin America: 5% market share; 826 million monthly searches
  • Europe: 9% market share; 3 billion monthly searches
  • Asia Pacific: 3% market share; 2 billion monthly searches

On a country-by-country basis, Bing’s position is strongest in:

  • The US: 33% market share; 5 billion monthly searches;
  • The UK: 26% market share; 977 million monthly searches;
  • Taiwan: 24% market share; 295 million monthly searches;
  • Hong Kong: 19% market share; 87 million monthly searches;
  • France: 19% market share; 788 million monthly searches; and
  • Canada: 17% market share; 451 million monthly searches.

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