Most Annoying Things About Email Marketing [CHART]

Chart: Most Annoying Things About Email Marketing

By now, brands should know that email marketing campaigns have to be personalized and relevant to resonate with recipients. But personalization is only as effective as the data that powers it, and when that data is wrong, consumers can find the missives downright irritating.

A July 2017 survey of US business professionals conducted by Advanis for Adobe found that almost a quarter (24%) of respondents said they were annoyed by emails that indicated marketers had incorrect data about them.

The survey also showed that 20% of respondents found it annoying when emails urged them to buy products or services that they had already purchased—a symptom of outdated information and a lack of real-time analytics on the brand side.

And sometimes brands just don’t dig deep enough with their personalization efforts. According to Adobe, 34% of respondents named recommended items that don’t match their interests as the most frustrating way email personalization failed. Read the rest at eMarketer.