How Americans Judge Advertisements [CHART]

Chart: How Americans Judge Advertisements

Advertisements are virtually ubiquitous, and with the proliferation of screen time, it’s no wonder that 63 percent of adults in the United States report seeing more of them than they used to, compared to the 24 percent who said they were seeing the same amount. That’s according to a Morning Consult poll of 4,402 U.S. adults conducted Aug. 24-Sept. 8.

U.S. adults aren’t happy about all that exposure: Three-quarters of those surveyed agree that internet ads, outside of social media, are intrusive, and 69 percent say the same for social media ads. Television ads are close behind, with 65 percent finding them intrusive, according to the poll, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 1 percentage point. Read the rest at Morning Consult.