Most Effective Forms Of Workplace Communication [CHART]

Chart: Most Effective Workplace Communications

Slack may be on a tear, but it still has a perception gap to fill: a recent survey from Robert Half Technology finds that both CIOs and employees feel that email and in-person meetings are more effective for daily communications at work than instant messaging (IM).

For CIOs, email is the most effective method (41%), followed by in-person meetings (22%) and then instant messaging (13%). The largest share of employees, meanwhile, put in-person meetings on top (37%), with email (27%) following and instant messaging (19%) next.

Notably, a strong majority (73%) of CIOs believe that email will be the most common way for employees to communicate internally in 3 years’ time. Employees themselves are in agreement, though not with the same level of consensus: a bare majority (53%) feel that email will be the most common. Read the rest at