Household Technology By Generation [CHART]

Chart: Household Technology by Generation

Smartphones are almost omni-present in US households, reveals Nielsen in a recent report. Indeed, 97% of Gen Z (2-20) and Millennials (21-37) live in households with a smartphone, as do 95% of Gen Xers and 86% of Baby Boomers. There’s relative parity in household ownership of these devices across generations, though others show more disparities.

Along with smartphones, upwards of 80% of adults across generations live in homes with broadband internet and PCs, per the report.

As relates to broadband, recent data suggests that the broadband subscriber market is now as large as the pay-TV subscriber market.

Meanwhile, access to DVRs also appears relatively consistent across generations, ranging from a low of 51% of Millennials to a high of 60% of Gen Xers. Read the rest at