App Marketers' Battle Against Ad Fraud [CHART]

Chart: App Marketers' Battle Against Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is a major concern for the majority of app marketers worldwide, according to a survey conducted by InMobi in July. The poll found that 59% of respondents thought of ad fraud as a serious problem that ad networks needed to address.

In addition, the survey revealed that 40% of app marketers believed they understood how ad fraud was perpetrated, as well as its potential effect on their advertising campaigns. But a significant number—44%—either knew what ad fraud was but wanted to learn more about it, or understood the concept but didn’t know how it might affect campaigns.

Nearly half (48%) of respondents identified invalid traffic from bots and scripts as the most common type of ad fraud they encountered. That was followed by unauthorized rebrokering (13%), click cramming (13%) and ad stacking (10%).

Advertisers in the survey were taking various measures to combat the problem of ad fraud, but none relied heavily on a technical solution. InMobi found that 58% of those polled had partnered with a trusted ad network in an effort to make sure they were not victims of fraud. Read the rest at eMarketer.