How People Watch TV By Ethnicity [TABLE]

Table: How People Watch TV By Ethnicity

Live TV remains the most popular method of watching TV programming overall in the US. However, new media channels are catching up with—and in one case surpassing—the traditional way of watching TV shows among certain ethnic groups, according to new data from Hispanic-focused market research company ThinkNow Research.

A March 2017 study from the firm found that 68% of all internet users polled watched live TV, while 58% watched TV content on Netflix and 50% used YouTube for TV programming.

Asians were the lone ethnic group for which a new media channel had displaced traditional TV as the most popular method of viewing. Nearly six in 10 Asians (59%) watched TV on YouTube, while just 55% said they watched live TV. And only 49% of Asians watched TV programs on Netflix.

Live TV was most popular among blacks, with 73% of respondents watching TV shows that way. Respondents from this group were less enamored with digital channels like Netflix and YouTube. Read the rest at eMarketer.