What Marketers Don't Know About Content Management [CHART]

Chart: Top Content Management Educational Needs

Fewer than half (46%) of content marketers at for-profit and non-profit organizations (primarily B2B-focused) have a documented strategy for managing content as a business assets, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s inaugural 2017 Content Management & Strategy Survey [PDF]. While content management structures such as style guidelines and workflow processes are fairly prevalent, very few report a scalable approach to their content efforts.

As such, only a minority of respondents say that their content always or frequently can be repurposed without a great deal of human intervention (25%) or can be published to multiple channels in appropriate formats without needing to handcraft each piece (35%).

Given the time-intensive nature (research contained in our B2B Marketing Insights Report suggests that it can take 4 weeks to produce an e-book) involved with content efforts, it’s perhaps not too surprising that content marketers are interested in how to build a scalable strategy. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.