Top Data-Driven Marketing Objectives [CHART]

Chart: Top Data-Driven Marketing Objectives

The most important objective of data-driven marketing isn’t customer acquisition. Instead, it’s a change in the way decisions are made, according to a study from Ascend2 and its Research Partners. In its survey of 284 marketing influencers, Ascend2 found most saying they’re looking to base more decisions on data analysis.

The results bring to mind a recent study from Chief Marketing Technologist and Third Door Media, in which respondents noted that some areas of data-driven decision-making are more art than science. So while numerical data analysis clearly is more of a scientific endeavor, finding the right questions to ask and crafting a persuasive narrative from the results lean more to the creative side of things.

Of course, new customer acquisition is also a top objective for data-driven marketing, per Ascend2’s report. Other considerations such as attributing sales revenue to marketing and aligning marketing and sales teams are less important goals. Read the rest at