Millennials Spy On Significant Others' Messages [CHART]

Chart: People Who Have Read Significant Others' Messages

A sizable number of millennial couples suffer from a breach of digital privacy. But instead of an anonymous hacker, the source of such transgressions comes from closer to home—each other.

More than one-third of millennials in relationships read their partner’s texts and emails weekly without permission, according to a new study by pollster YouGov. This sneaky behavior raises the real question of whether millennials’ relationships are built on a solid foundation of trust.

Among millennials, the urge to take a surreptitious peek at a partner’s communications appears too great an urge to resist. While about one-quarter (23%) of all US adults surveyed admitted to reading a significant other’s texts, that figure was 37% among 18- to 34-year-olds.

Similarly, 37% of millennials looked at a partner’s social media accounts, while just 23% of total adults did the same. A higher number of millennials (31%) perused their romantic interest’s emails, compared with 22% of overall adults. Read the rest at eMarketer.