Customer Experience Responses [CHART]

Chart: Consumer Experience Responses

In a reversal from past research consumers are more likely to share good experiences than bad ones, according to a recent Temkin Group survey. In fact, just 14% of the 10,000 US consumers surveyed said they were tight-lipped following a recent very good experience with a company, compared to 35% who didn’t tell anyone following a very bad experience.

The most common way of responding to a very good or very bad experience was to tell friends about it via email, phone, or in-person, something which roughly half of respondents reported doing. The next-most popular way of reacting to an interaction was to send feedback directly to the company, which one-quarter did following a very good experience and 30% did following a very bad experience.

Close behind, almost one-quarter (23%) reported writing something about the experience on Facebook, with this response equally likely regardless of the nature of the experience. Read the rest at