Use Of Voice Search On TV [CHART]

Chart: Use Of Voice Search On TV

Voice-enabled assistants are becoming more popular, and are beginning to be used for digital commerce. But what about voice and TV? A new report from TiVo examines the use of voice search to discover content, finding that 1 in 10 respondents are currently using their voice to find something to watch.

There seems to be some appetite for increased use: another 18% of respondents don’t have the capability to search for content using their voice but would like to have the ability to do so.

All told, roughly half aren’t interested in voice search: 12% have it available to them but don’t use it, while 40% don’t have the capability and wouldn’t have any interest were it there.

Among the small number of respondents who are using voice search, almost 9 in 10 report doing so at least weekly. That’s up about 14% points year-over-year, though this data should be interpreted directionally only as it’s a rather small sample. Read the rest at