Ad-Blocking Use, 2014-2018 [CHART]

Chart: Ad-Blocking Use - 2014-2018

Advertisers and publishers are under constant pressure to better target, deliver and track their messages to consumers. But many consumers feel bombarded by the ad experience.

More than a quarter of US internet users will block ads this year, eMarketer estimates, up from just under 16% in 2014. That’s a sizeable chunk of internet users, though growth is slowing down. eMarketer defines an ad blocking user as an internet user who goes online at least once a month on a device with an ad blocker installed.

Just under nine in 10 ad blocking users block ads via desktop or laptop, which translates to 24.0% of US internet users. By the end of this year, more than a third of US ad blockers will block on their smartphone, translating to 9.5% of internet users. Read the rest at eMarketer.