Global Smart Car Shipments – 2015 & 2020 [CHART]

Chart: Smart Car Shipments
As connected, smart and self-driving vehicles become more common, they are changing the way consumers drive.

But the steady adoption of smart cars goes beyond a consumer phenomenon. “These vehicles also have important implications for marketers seeking to use them as platforms for customer outreach, targeted messaging, ecommerce and personalized services,” said eMarketer principal analyst Victoria Petrock, author of a new report, “The Internet of Things for Smart Cars: Accelerating on the Information Superhighway.”

An increasing number of new vehicles now come equipped with internet connectivity and other digital capabilities that provide infotainment, communications, diagnostics and driver assistance. While there is some consumer demand, the push to adopt more sophisticated features is being driven by manufacturers and tech companies seeking to differentiate themselves and expand revenue opportunities. Read the rest at eMarketer.