Americans' Financial Concerns [CHART]

Chart: Americans Financial Concerns

American adults’ biggest financial worry is the inability to pay the medical costs in the event of a serious illness or accident, reports Gallup in new survey data. A majority (54%) of the more than 1,000 US adults surveyed said they’re either very (30%) or moderately (24%) worried about this.

That does represent an ease in anxiety after a couple of consecutive years of rising worry about emergency medical bills, with 60% last year concerned about the possibility.

Worth noting is that 28% of Americans would worry even about an unexpected expense of $10, per a new report from Bloomberg Ventures and New America. More than 8 in 10 said that $1,000 or less would be the biggest unexpected expense that they could handle without worrying about it.

Meanwhile, retirement concerns are also a source of financial anxiety for a majority of Americans: 54% of the Gallup survey respondents are either very (26%) or moderately (28%) concerned about now having enough money for retirement. Near-retirees have very different views about how much money will be needed for retirement, though. Read the rest at