B2B Digital Marketing Priorities [CHART]

Chart: B2B Digital Marketing Priorities

There’s no content fatigue setting in among B2B marketers, according to the 2017 Digital Trends in B2B report from Econsultancy and Adobe. Not only is content marketing by far the top digital priority for B2B marketers this year, but it’s also the discipline most likely to get a spending hike this year.

Some 58% of the 2,400 B2B marketers surveyed claimed that they will increase their content marketing budgets this year, the broadest agreement on budget hikes of the various channels and disciplines identified. Lead generation – closely tied to content in many respects – is the next-most likely to get a spending increase, cited by 56% of respondents.

Other popular areas for budget growth include marketing analytics, social media marketing and lead management, each tabbed for increases by half of the respondents. At least in the US, B2B CMOs have been less able to derive impact from marketing analytics than their B2C counterparts, so spending increases will likely be welcome there. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.