Popularity vs Effectiveness Of Content Marketing Types [CHART]

Chart: Popularity vs Effectiveness of Content Marketing Types

The top content formats produced by content marketers in the US are research/original data, infographics and product reviews, each created by 74% of respondents to a survey from Clutch. These were also the top 3 content types in terms of effectiveness, per the study, with research/original data leading the way.

The results bring to mind survey results released last year by Ascend2, in which research reports were perceived by marketers to be the most effective content format.

The effectiveness rankings do seem to owe in part to popularity, in that the top 3 formats are both the most commonly-produced and the most likely to be seen as effective. There’s a little more discrepancy when it comes to blog posts and video, though. While video seems to be used by considerably more content marketers than blog posts (70% and 57%, respectively), it was the latter edging the former in the effectiveness rankings. That’s an interesting result, given the aforementioned Ascend2 survey that had video near the top of the effectiveness ratings. Still, for B2B marketers, research suggests that blog posts are considered more indispensable than video. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.