Autonomous Driving Activities [CHART]

Chart: Autonomous Driving Activities

New data finds that trust in autonomous vehicles hasn’t changed much in the past year. Teens and younger millennials are still more likely to trust self-driving cars, while very few baby boomers do.

Market research firm J.D. Power and Associates surveyed US internet users ages 16 and older who have purchased or leased a new vehicle in the past five years.

When asked what activities they would conduct for the majority of time they were in a self-driving car, unsurprisingly, 39% of baby boomers said they would not ride in a self-driving car at all, about five times the number of teens and young adults who would also refuse to do so.

Other responses from 2017 varied greatly. For example, a quarter of teens and young adults said they would take a nap in a self-driving car, compared with only 6% of boomers. Nearly a third (31%) of younger respondents would talk or text for the majority of the time; just 12% of boomers would do the same. Read the rest at eMarketer.