TV Viewing Device Share [CHART]

Chart: TV Viewing Device Share

TV viewers have an abundance of devices at their disposal to watch content whenever and however they want. But in the US, the big screen is still their preferred access point.

That conclusion was underscored by data from market research firm Hub Research. It surveyed 2,026 US TV viewers ages 16 to 74 who had broadband access at home and watched at least 5 hours of TV per week.

Hub found that most TV content is being watched on a TV screen, rather than a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Indeed, when combined, set-top boxes, TV connectors and smart apps accounted for roughly three-quarters of total TV viewing.

In contrast, there’s less TV viewership happening on other devices. For example, 4% of total TV viewing is happening via a smartphone, and another 5% is happening via tablets. Read the rest at eMarketer.