How AI Can Enhance SEO [CHART]

Chart: How AI Could Enhance SEO

Virtually all marketers (96%) believe AI can enhance SEO, according to a SearchDex survey of 100 marketers across industries. The biggest benefit cited was the ability to focus on SEO while AI analyzes the data (73%). Other advantages that marketers feel AI could afford them include the capability to search and fix anomalies in their current SEO strategy (61%) and the ability to keep SEO strategy current based on what competitors are doing (58%). Of note, roughly half feel that AI could outthink RankBrain.

Considering that all respondents (99%) feel that having a successful SEO strategy is of upmost importance, it’s easy to see why 71% of them believe that losing out on SEO could cost their business in terms of lower profits and consumer interest, with 64% also feeling that their brand wouldn’t be perceived as unique. Read the rest at