Advertising Digital Skills Gap [CHART]

Chart: Advertising Digital Skills Gap

Some sobering results from Boston Consulting Group and Google Digital Academy: on a 100-point scale, marketers working at advertisers around the world score their organizations’ digital capabilities at an average score of just 57. Worse yet, that number hasn’t budged since the last time the survey was fielded 18 months earlier. So where are advertising organizations having the most trouble?

To arrive at their conclusions, the researchers surveyed 2,200 marketers at 141 advertisers in 41 countries around the globe. Respondents were asked to rate their teams’ capabilities and performance in various skills and channels on a 6-point index, which was then converted to a 100-point index, where 100 equals best practice.

The study results show that mobile advertising is the biggest pain point, with an average digital capability score of just 45. The user experience appears to be one of the big challenges for mobile advertising, according to other research, with smartphone owners complaining of ad clutter and interruptive ads. Read the rest at