Effective Email List Growth Tactics [CHART]

Chart: Email List Growth Tactics

Email continues to one of – if not the most – effective digital marketing tactics available. And while the recent focus has been on improving subscriber engagement amid declining click rates, list growth is obviously also a huge priority (and challenge). In its latest monthly report, Ascend2 takes a look at the tactics that are perceived to be the most effective – and difficult to execute – for list growth.

For its study, Ascend2 surveyed 255 marketing influencers around the world, evenly split between B2B and B2C channels, asking them which of 7 list growth tactics they found to be most effective.

Topping the list is social media advertising, cited by almost half of respondents as being among their most effective tactics. That’s a very interesting result, and comes at a time when consumers are also ascribing more and more purchase influence to social advertising. Social media, it seems, is becoming more and more important in driving product awareness, email signups, and purchases. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.