Expectations Consumers Have For Brands Taking Social Stands By Generation [CHART]

Chart: Expectations Of Brands Taking Social Stands

Brands are in the political and societal spotlight more these days – sometimes of their own accord, and sometimes not. But to what extent should brands have a voice in societal matters? Youth appear to feel more strongly about this than their older counterparts, according to a recent YouGov survey, which found half of Millennials (18-34) approving of brands taking a public stance on social issues, as opposed to only about one-quarter of Baby Boomers (55+).

Gen Xers (35-54) fall somewhere in between, with 41% believing that it’s fine for brands to take a public stand. A previous study on brands and controversial issues supports these findings, with many younger respondents feeling that brands should stick to their core values.

Of course, this can cost brands customers: most of the respondents (59%) to the YouGov survey reported being very or somewhat likely to boycott a brand if they disagreed with the company’s stance, and two-thirds support boycotts based on political views. Apparently, consumers are truly willing to put their money where their mouths are, as 6 in 10 claimed to have not made a purchase at some point in the past because they didn’t believe in what the company stood for. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.