Consumer Trust In News Sources [CHART]

Chart: Consumer Trust in News Sources

Fresh off the heels of research suggesting that adults trust traditional media ads more than digital ones, a study from YouGov [PDF] indicates that Americans are more likely to trust news that they read about in the ewspaper or see on TV than they are to trust what they read online.

Overall, 78% of the adults surveyed said that they trust the news that they read about in the newspaper either a lot (25%) or a little (53%), while a similar 77% say the same about the news they see on TV. Although a strong majority (72%) say they trust the news that they find on the internet, that includes only 12% who trust this news a lot.

The news source that adults trust the most? Their friends and family: 84% overall said they trust the news that their friends and family tell them about, including 32% who have a lot of trust. Read the rest at