Newspaper Readership By Platform [CHART]

Chart: Newspaper Readership by Platform

Newspapers’ cross-platform audience – print, website and mobile app – numbers more than 169 million adults in the US, or 69% of the US adult population in a typical month, according to recently-released figures from Nielsen Scarborough. And while print newspaper ad spending has been plummeting, the same can’t be said for the print audience.

In fact, the World Press Trends survey released earlier this year indicated that print newspaper circulation was down by just 2.4% last year in North America, while the decline of print newspaper ad spending was three times larger (-7.2%). On a global basis, although print newspaper ad spend fell by 7.5%, circulation increased by a solid 4.9%.

In the US, print remains the preferred platform for newspaper consumption, according to the Nielsen Scarborough data. Among monthly newspaper readers, a slight majority (51%) read in print exclusively. Including those who read in print and also on other platforms, the research indicates that 81% of monthly newspaper readers engage with the print product. In combination with newspapers’ multi-platform reach, that means that about 56% of the US adult population reads print newspapers each month. Read the rest at