Teens' News Media Sources [CHART]

Chart: US Teens News Sources

More US teens say they get their news from social networking sites (49%) and family (47%) than from any other source, according to a study from Common Sense Media, which interviewed almost 600 teens aged 13-18. Teens rely as teachers or other adults, friends, and websites/apps to a lesser degree, with around one-third having used those as sources for news the day prior to the survey..

Teens shared that they also prefer getting their news from social networking sites (34%). Family, as a source of news, was only preferred by one-fifth of respondents, followed by TV (17%). Respondents Thy least preferred turning to teachers or other adults (4%), radio (3%) and newspapers (1%) to find out what’s going on in the world.

Facebook (47%) is the preferred social news platform for teens by a wide margin, with YouTube (14%) and Twitter (13%) trailing in the preference stakes. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.