Top Email Marketing Automation Tactics [CHART]

Chart: Top Email Marketing Automation Tactics

Almost two-thirds of email marketers worldwide use email automation, but more advanced automation techniques are not as popular, according to a January 2017 survey from email marketing software provider GetResponse.

Email automation is a robust, seasoned marketing tactic. Marketers are using it not only to inform customers about company news, offers and promotions, but also for customer onboarding and to ask for feedback, GetResponse found.

When it comes to enhancing email with more advanced automation techniques, however, marketers are not as far along. Only a third of email marketers surveyed used automation for basic profile-based targeting, or targeting email content based on individual personas and behaviors. Even fewer—just over a quarter—used it for personalization through dynamic content, or content that changes depending on who opens an email and when it is opened. Read the rest at eMarketer.