Americans' Concern Over Digital Privacy [CHART]

Chart: Americans Concern Over Digital Privacy

Consumers are notoriously laissez-faire about privacy when it comes to their own behavior, such as taking advantage of public Wi-Fi. And in spite of a spate of hacking scandals involving Yahoo, banks and retailers over the last couple of years, more consumers than ever are purchasing and banking online.

But when it comes to how a company handles a customer’s personal information, research shows people say they care very much.

A survey conducted in September 2016 by Regina Corso Consulting for Arbor Networks found that 85% of US internet users expressed concern about their security, and almost as many were worried about their privacy.

Another study mirrored those findings. Accenture polled US internet users in August 2016 about what factors influence their loyalty to brands. More than eight in 10 respondents said their loyalty was influenced by a brand “being trustworthy with regard to safeguarding and respecting the privacy of my personal information.” This factor was named by a larger proportion of respondents than any other. Read the rest at eMarketer.