Awarness Of Virtual Reality, 360 Video & Augmented Reality [CHART]

Chart: Awareness of Virtual Awareness

Of the many forms of VR, 360-degree video is one of the easiest and least expensive to produce, distribute and experience. Publishers including The New York Times, CNN, The Economist, National Geographic and many others offer such experiences.

Immersive video has made a strong impression among consumers. An August 2016 survey from YuMe revealed that US internet users have positive attitudes toward 360-degree video, considering it memorable and engaging. Still, while some internet users are aware of 360-degree video, not many are actually using it, YuMe found.

“Right now, it’s more of a novelty to look at 360 views of things,” said eMarketer analyst Victoria Petrock. “There isn’t yet any huge and compelling reason to do that outside of gaming, and maybe watching new movies or videos with hidden content that can only be viewed with VR functionality.” Read the rest at eMarketer.