Dormant Email Subscribers By Industry [CHART]

Dormant Email Subscribers By Industry

The majority of email subscribers tend to be inactive, according to data contained in a recent quarterly study by Yesmail Interactive [download page]. For example, in the consumer services sector, 76% of subscribers were inactive in Q4, and only 4% were active within 90 days.

B2B engagement was even lower, with 91% of subscribers inactive and only 2.2% active within 90 days. Performance for financial services however, was much more promising: brands in this industry enjoyed 21.4% of subscribers active within 90 days and only 56.7% inactive. Retail also saw relatively activity rates – with almost half (44.4%) active. The higher activity rates of insurance and retail could possibly reflect more transactional emails in these areas, as triggered emails tend to have higher engagement than business-as-usual emails.

When it comes to mobile, the insurance industry has the greatest influence with 68.5% of clicks coming from mobile and a phenomenal 50.6% CTO (click-to-open) rate on mobile devices. This is especially impressive since the overall CTO rate across all industries for Q4 2016 was only 11%. Read the rest at